Our services are free of charge and in brief comprise:

1) Sceneries
Location scouting.

2) Contacts
Negotiation with local government and regional authorities.

3) Information
Advice on transport and travel, geography and weather conditions in the region.

4) Resources
Advice on services, technical support, special supplies and logistic solutions.

5) Hospitality
Help with accommodation and relevant tourist facilities.

6) Archives
Documentation on historical and natural locations, human resources and suppliers, with records of over 400 professionals and 100 specialised companies.

Member of:


Film Commission Regione Campania was established  in September 2004 by the Campania Regional Government, and has been operative since April 2005.
The aim of FCRC is to promote the regional area of Campania as a film-friendly environment for the production of film, television drama and all kinds of audiovisual products, capitalising on the outstanding range of locations and the high professional standards of the business and creative communities already present in Campania.

FCRC Services
Our services are free of charge and are designed to achieve cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, and red tape reduction.

In application of the Regional Law n. 30 "Cinema Campania" the Regional Government of Campania has allocated resources to finance film, television and digital media productions through non repayable grants. Grants awarded will amount to a percentage of the total eligible costs incurred in Campania regional territory. Calls for Applications and their attachments can be viewed and downloaded from: http://www.fcrc.it/bandi.html  http://www.regione.campania.it/it/tematiche/magazine-turismo-e-cultura
For further details and enquiries, please contact filmfund@fcrc.it

Promoting the local professional community and making Campania part of an international network of shared professional contacts, knowledge, resources and experiences is one of the FCRC’s strategic aims. Hence the development of seminars, conferences, workshops and events in collaboration with the local film festival circuit and organisations such as Doc/it, FERT – Antenna Media and Sources 2.
Film Commission Regione Campania is a member of the Italian Film Commission Association (IFC) www.italianfilmcommissions.it
and the European Film Commission Network (EUFCN) www.eufcn.net

Contact Information

Fondazione Film Commission Regione Campania
Piazzetta Mondragone, 18
80132 Naples - Italy 
tel: +39 (0)81 4206071
fax: +39 (0)81 7904221
Office hours are Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm
Management and Staff:
Valerio Caprara – Chairman

Vitulia Ivone - Board Member

Maurizio Gemma – Director

Francesco Pastore - Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs
Simona Monticelli – Coordinator